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NEW - Alerter for Captiva

System and Operational Health monitoring
for OpenText Captiva System

Document Assembly Module
for Captiva

Graphical, Fast, Simple Document Assembly
for your Captiva Capture Flow

Some say "PCG" stands for "Premier Captiva Gurus."

"Empowering documents to their full potential"

Why Choose Us

Perkins Consulting Group is a Business consulting and technology services company whose excellence and focus is on Document Processing and Management.

This includes:
    • Document Capture and Processing
    • Content Management
    • Records Management, Retention and Archiving
    • Business Processes and Workflows

We have collaborated with hundreds of companies to improve their Document Processing and Management goals; from Fortune 100 companies processing hundreds of thousands of documents a day as well as small to mid-sized companies processing hundreds of documents a day. All have achieved reductions in processing times and increased productivity.

Elements Of Success

Elements Of Success

Elements Of Success Diagram

We are renown for our Captiva expertise. We have implemented Captiva solutions for over 20 years. During this time we have designed and developed in over 300 solutions in various industries and practically every document type conceivable. Our solutions increase productivity by reducing processing effort and time, maximizing data extraction, and eliminating lost documents.

Other Services

We have expertise and provide services in the following areas:
    • WestLaw CaseLogistix Implementations
    • Business Process Review and Improvements
    • Business Continuity Management
    • .NET Custom Development
    • SQL Server Management and Development