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OpenText Intelligent Capture (Captiva)

Perkins Consulting Group is known for our Captiva expertise. We have been implementing Captiva solutions for over 12 years. During this time we have been involved in over 250 solutions in various and practically every conceivable.

  • We started with InputAccel 2.0 when it was a product from Cornerstone Imaging. At this time, there was no Process Designer or VBA. It was a pseudo basic language which was written in a text editor.
  • We implemented the first VBA IPP with InputAccel 3.0.
  • We have clustered IA Servers for fault tolerance.
  • We have dealt with physical paper, faxes, uploaded files and Email.
  • We have worked with the numerous forms packages, IA Forms, FormWare and Dispatcher.
  • We store documents and their data in any repository (Documentum, FileNet, Content Manager, OnBase, SharePoint, custom systems and more).
  • We have implemented very simple solutions (scan->enhance->index->export) to ones with complex business workflows and various types of form identification and data extraction.
  • We have sized Captiva systems, determining modules and estimated end to end time before implementing systems.
  • We have written numerous validation DLL’s to retrieve and validate data from databases, access mainframe systems through MQ Series and integrate other systems via Web Service calls.
  • We have written numerous custom modules. The list consists of importers, exporters, image processing, data processing and reporting modules. It’s likely your solution has one which we’ve worked on at one time or another.
  • We have solutions which have run for years with no issues and no lost or hung documents.
  • We have solutions ranging from a few hundred documents per day to hundreds of thousands of documents per day.
  • We do not accept hung or lost documents.
  • We process in minutes, not hours or days.
  • We strive to minimize user interaction and keystrokes
  • We implement reporting into the design and process, not toss it in as an after thought.
  • We review Captiva Systems, provide documentation, flow charts and recommendations for enhancements to improve and streamline the process.

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