Business Process

Business Process Improvement

We believe in reviewing and analyzing the business processes at the start of each project. We usually find the current process to be out of date with exceptions and workarounds typically being used. In some cases, the management doesn't even realize this. Implementing these "broken" processes with new technology often does not provide the benefits desired. We help organizations by reviewing and analyzing processes, providing documentation, diagrams, designs, ROI analysis, and/or recommendations for improvements and enhancements. We have saved organizations tens to hundreds of millions of dollars over the years.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management is much more than a Disaster Recovery plan. Disaster Recovery address massage failures in hardware. Business Continuity Management addresses:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities in business operations.
  • Determining the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD)
  • Determining strategies to deal with the disruptions.
  • Devising Tactical and Stategic Plans
  • Conduct Tests to prove and exercise the plans.

Some examples in computer dependent companies are:

  • Cyber attacks of web sites.
  • Internet failure.
  • Server and Computer failures.
  • Staff shortages.
  • Supply shortages to fill requested orders.
  • Shipping issues

Westlaw CaseLogistix

Westlaw CaseLogistix

We have worked with various size law firms to deploy the CaseLogisitix review platform.

  • We have consulted on cases with hundreds of documents to hundreds of thousands of documents.
  • We have implemented review progress reports, reviewer reports and other reports.
  • We have implemented a workflow for batch review.
  • We have implemented utilities for replacing files, family tagging, library file reports and more.

Custom Development

Custom Development

We have extensive experience in .NET and SQL Server development, typically creating custom utilities needed for the business process.

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